The LKC - The Entrepreneurial Struggle

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find that although the struggle of self-employment is a fulfilling endeavor, it can also be a long and lonely road – especially when friends or family value and relate to a different kind of employment model. How do you solve entrepreneurial isolation and lack of formal business training? Find out one way here…

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The LKC - The world of Professional Organizing and NAPO

The world is becoming more familiar with Professional Organizing as a profession, but how much do you know about organizing and what it entails? Who should hire a Professional Organizer and how do you know what to look for? Here we’ll explore a little about the profession and steps to take if you think you might need help in this area.

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The LKC - So you've built your website, now what?

Consumers begin approximately 80% of their buying journey online, even for a low-tech service such as a haircut. Given that your business may have a limited budget and consumers have numerous choices, how do you stand out?

Some business owners have asked, “Is Paid Search (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or developing content the best investment?”

Get some advice from Jean Charles of WSI Vital Marketing to help make your decision.

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