The LKC - Blocking and Batching - Leveling Up Your Time Management

Uncommonly More recently wrote a guest post for us in which they mention batching like-tasks (editing photos, writing copy, planning out hashtags, etc.) for saving valuable time when planning out and working on your social media. (Haven’t seen it yet? Take a look here!)

Batching and time blocking can also be used to increase efficiency in your other work and daily life too. Read on to find out more about why these methods are effective, and how you can start implementing them today.

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The LKC - Using Daily Themes to Increase Fun and Productivity

Want to try something new that might help you get focused and set aside time for long-lost hobbies or family nights? Take a look at this daily theming method borrowed from Mike Vardy of The NOW Year and see how it could work for you in your pursuit of work-life balance.

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The LKC - If You Want Something Done, Give it to a Busy Person?

They say that if you want something to get done, give it to a busy person.

Have you found this to be true? Why is it that when we have more on our plate, we tend to be better at managing our time than when we have an entire day free? You would think that more time equals more done, but in many cases the opposite is true.

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The LKC - The Brevity of Everything

I had recently heard a sad story about an untimely death and shared this story with my business group. One of the members took this story to heart. It inspired him to give a talk about The Brevity of Time at his Toastmaster’s meeting, and then to write an article which he has since published on Medium and gave me permission to post here. Please take a moment to read his story.

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The LKC - The Entrepreneurial Struggle

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find that although the struggle of self-employment is a fulfilling endeavor, it can also be a long and lonely road – especially when friends or family value and relate to a different kind of employment model. How do you solve entrepreneurial isolation and lack of formal business training? Find out one way here…

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