The LKC #013 - If You Want Something Done, Give it to a Busy Person?

They say that if you want something to get done, give it to a busy person.

Have you found this to be true? Why is it that when we have more on our plate, we tend to be better at managing our time than when we have an entire day free? You would think that more time equals more done, but in many cases the opposite is true.

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The LKC #012 - How to Tackle your Important, but Not Urgent Work

Why is it that you never seem to find time to get to the business development activities? You know it’s important, but still they seem to slip away each week. Here we discuss three possible ways to focus in on the important but not urgent work that will help move your business forward.

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The LKC #007 - The world of Professional Organizing and NAPO

The world is becoming more familiar with Professional Organizing as a profession, but how much do you know about organizing and what it entails? Who should hire a Professional Organizer and how do you know what to look for? Here we’ll explore a little about the profession and steps to take if you think you might need help in this area.

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