The LKC - The world of Professional Organizing and NAPO

For about a year I tested out a number of different groups and researched additional trainings. The goal was to figure out the best way to add new value to my company and services. After extensive testing and research I decided to join NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. This allowed me to be part of a professional organization, while opening up additional coursework and certificate programs. It also opened up access to a local group of members that I could utilize for support. Since I help clients with productivity, time management and organization, this was a natural and logical fit for my business.

The world is becoming more familiar with Professional Organizing as a profession thanks to the increase in mainstream media attention such as the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, and the popularity of her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Even though it is gaining more media attention, how much do you know about organizing and what it entails?

At our local chapter meeting, we had a long discussion about Marie’s methods. Some agreed with her organizing system and others disagreed. The main takeaway, however, is that not all organizers are the same. Not all organizers will have the right skills or personality match to be the best fit for you and your organizing needs.

What is Professional Organizing?

From their website, NAPO defines a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant as follows:

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  • Professional Organizer: supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around objects, space, and data; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding function, order, and clarity. 

  • Productivity Consultant: supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around time, energy, and resources; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding goals, effectiveness, and priorities.

Who do we engage? Who could benefit from these services?

Our clients can be anyone from a busy parent struggling to manage all of their household activities, to an executive who needs to get their office in order, to a retiree looking to change their living situation and get help downsizing. Each consultant will have a different area of expertise.

Do I need to hire a Professional Organizer?

NAPO states, “If attempts to get organized on your own have not led to the desired results, it's time to consider working with a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant. Finding and hiring a professional is no different than choosing an accountant, personal trainer, doctor, or other service provider. You'll want to work with someone who takes the time to get to know you, understands your needs, and has the expertise to advise you and help you achieve your goals.”

What questions should I ask before hiring someone?

What do you think? Are you relieved to know that you’re not alone in your struggles to manage your organization and productivity? Did you know that there was an entire industry out there catering to your needs?

Want to talk more about if this is a good fit for you? Schedule a complimentary call so we can chat!

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