“Lana is amazing to work with! While working with her, she gave me the confidence and path to focus in on what I needed vs what I wanted to get my business to grow. She is very organized, attentive, insightful & driven to have her clients strive towards their goals. She asks the hard questions to make sure you understand how to collaborate to get the job done, even if it requires her to learn something new to help you in the end. Her drive for helping small businesses succeed is remarkable and very refreshing. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!” - Caridad DiMiceli


"I've worked with about four coaches so far and Lana is by far the best coach I've had. She helped me develop tools to stay organized, be more productive, and better manage my projects. We always had an objective for each coaching session and she made sure we achieved my project goals. As a coach, she is both very supportive but also holds me accountable, which are both very important. I will definitely hire her again and recommend her highly. " - Christopher Frager

"After working with Lana, I always feel more motivated than ever, with a clear direction in which to take my business!
Lana is always networking and willing to meet new people to expand her clientele. She likes connecting people in her network to fulfill everyone's needs in a timely and efficient manner." - Anna Tamaoka

"Lana has helped me learn about myself, and figure out where I have barriers and how to get through them. I'm now able to collect my thoughts, take items one step at a time, break tasks into their simplest forms to avoid feeling overwhelmed, stay focused, and really learn how to figure out the priorities for my business. Lana's assistance and coaching not only gives me tools in order to plan my projects and my time, but it also makes me feel on top of all of my work - something I never felt before." - Yoshimi Arai

"Lana does a wonderful job of working with clients to help them figure out how to reach their ultimate goal, whether it be developing a market entry strategy, getting an article published or figuring out how to pursue a dream career. Lana helps clients understand what steps need to be taken to achieve goals by breaking down the process into manageable tasks. By doing this she is able to help them stay focused on the bigger picture instead of getting lost in all of the details or, even worse, never even starting because the whole process seems overwhelming. Lana’s listening skills, breadth of knowledge, and business acumen allow her to really understand the needs of her clients and develop strategies to accomplish goals." - Rebecca Keiser


“Working with Lana has had a positive impact on both my professional and
personal life. Professionally, Lana keeps me on track so that I stop putting off
tasks that I would ordinarily postpone. This enables me to be prepared when deadlines
hit, and reduces stress by making me feel on top of my different projects. I also trust Lana to manage time-consuming tasks, which enables me to free up a significant number of hours of valuable time every week so I can instead spend that time with my family.” - Laura Kriska

"Lana has played a pivotal role in helping me switch careers at a time when I thought it a nearly impossible task. She is amazingly resourceful and was able to connect me to people in need of my skill set, facilitating those relationships with care and attention. My portfolio has doubled in size since I began working with her and the opportunities for new projects she sends my way are always in line with my professional goals and interests. She is also an excellent motivator and has provided me with the push I needed to seek new experiences and expand the limits of what I can do in a day. I would fully recommend Lana to anyone struggling to find the way forward in any profession. She is smart, tireless and well connected, and will treat each of your successes which as much satisfaction and enthusiasm as if it were her own." - Erica Theis