The LKC - Passion Planner Goal Tracker Stickers

The LKC and PBS collaboration is back! After our first two stickers, Commute and Weekly Review, we’ve teamed up yet again to help you create Weekly Goals using your favorite planner or notebook!

If you are part of the #PashFam or #PBSFam, consider making this goal-setting habit a part of your weekly routine.

As a simplified version of my Goal Setting worksheet (which you can also download here for free), Shannon helped me adapt this process into a sticker for your Passion Planner.


Use either the worksheet or the sticker (or a combination of both) to help you set regular goals, giving you clarity and driving you forward. Using the "SMART" acronym, we're able to narrow down our goal, clarifying as specifically as possible what we're working towards. This also enables us to make sure our goal is measurable and attainable, relevant to our overall direction and vision, and incites action by creating a deadline. 

We also make it easy for you to achieve the first steps of this goal by providing a space for you to identify the top three tasks that you can tackle to help move the goal forward.

Let's get dreaming, start writing, and turn those goals into actions! A warm thanks to Shannon for working with me on this collaboration.

Let us know in the comments section what your first goal sticker will entail. We’re rooting for you!

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