The LKC - Planning and Collaboration

LK Consultants is happy to announce a new partnership with Planning by Shannon!

Shannon is a cake decorator by trade, but found her calling when she launched her Etsy Store in 2015. She makes custom stickers, primarily for the Passion Planner, which come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Aiming to find fun and creative ways to use your planner, she also makes sure to incorporate tools that will also help productivity and goal setting.

After a recent conversation about how I thought I might better like to use my own planning tool, we instantly made the connection that we’d be a great partnership – I help people with time management strategy and goal setting, and she creates the tools to make it happen!

Our first collaboration is the Passion Planner Commute and Transportation Stickers. Designed specially to fit in the Compact and Classic versions of Passion Planner, these can help you budget your time in a visual way. There are stickers to fill up both half-hour and one-hour time slots.

We have designed these fun and practical transportation stickers to help you plan in your travel time to and from work, appointments, school, or even your fun events. These stickers come in identifiable colors (or shades) so you can quickly see your mode of transportation at a glance.

Planning in enough time for activities such as transportation is often overlooked. Building in this time not only helps reduce stressful last-minute travel, but it also creates the habit of building in buffers for the types of tasks that we often forget about (like eating, and even rest), allowing you to accurately see the time available in the day for the other amazing things you're going to accomplish.

Are there any tools that you wish you had in your planner? Write to us to let us know! And stay tuned for some other fun projects coming soon…

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