The LKC - Weekly Review Stickers

I’m not sure anyone could say it better than David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done:

"If you’re like me and most people, no matter how good your intentions may be, you’re going to have the world come at you faster than you can keep up. Many of us seem to have it in our natures consistently to entangle ourselves in more than we have the ability to handle.

We book ourselves in back to back meetings all day, go to after-hours events and generate ideas and commitments we need to deal with, and get embroiled in engagements and projects that have the potential to spin our creative intelligence into cosmic orbits. The whirlwind of activity is precisely what makes the Weekly Review so valuable. It builds in some capturing, reevaluation, and reprocessing time to keep you in balance. There is simply no way to do this necessary regrouping while you’re trying to get everyday work done." (Page 184)

The LKC and PBS collaboration is back! After our first sticker, Commute and Transportation, we’ve teamed up again to help you create a weekly review habit. Although originally sized for the Passion Planner, this tool call actually be used in almost any planner, diary, or notebook. (My current favorite is The Law of Attraction Planner.)

Although there are many different useful and healthy habits out there, here’s why you should commit to taking the 3~5 minutes needed each week to fill out this weekly review.

Question 1:

What went well this week?

Take time to think about the things that you accomplished! Did you successfully stick to one new habit each day for the week? Did you complete a project that has been on your plate for a long time? Did you have a really great dinner out with friends?

We have a tendency to breeze past the awesome things we’ve experienced or accomplished, and with this tiny little question can be reminded of how much we really do. Remember to celebrate the tiny wins, because life is full of them, and it’s the small accomplishments that ultimately lead to the really big ones!

Question 2:

What could I do better? What will I do differently next week?

After taking some time to acknowledge what you did well, next take a moment to jot down the things that you’d like to improve upon. Got distracted by your email every 5 minutes? Commit to keeping the tab on your browser closed, and only check it twice a day. Can’t commit to twice a day? Start small and tell yourself you are only allowed to check it once an hour, on the hour, and only for 10-minute bursts.

Try not to overload yourself here in question two. We are all likely to find lot’s of things to fix about ourselves or our weeks, but you can realistically only work on them one at a time – so just pick one you want to be consciously improving upon next week. Have a weekly or daily planner? Write the answer to this question down at the beginning of the following week, or at the top of each daily page to be SURE you’ll remember to keep it in mind moving forward.

Do this exercise every week, celebrating your wins and being aware and consciously working on your challenges and you’ll be surprised by how much improvement you'll see in a very short span of time using this system.

A warm thanks to Shannon for working with me on this collaboration! We have some future ideas in store, and can’t wait to share them with you in the coming months.

Until then, happy planning! Let us know in the comments section below what you’ve done well, and where you’re going to focus next week for improvement. We’re rooting for you!