The LKC Goal Setting Worksheet


LK Consultants is here to help motivate, support, 0rganize and inspire.

Narrow in on what you really want to accomplish, and commit to yourself by filling out this simple yet effective goal sheet. Post it where you can see it, or put it in your annual “goals” folder or notebook. This way you can regularly look back and remind yourself what you’re aiming for and check in to see if you’re on track.

Make your goals feel concrete and accomplishable by filling out this short sheet. Print it out and fill it in, or download the digital version and save it on your computer. Both versions will be sent to you via email once you sign up.

Need help? Take advantage of our complimentary consultation session and we can walk through the sheet together.

Part of the #Pashfam and want this for your planner? We have that too here at Planning by Shannon’s shop.

Good luck and happy goal setting! You’ve got this. Just sign up below.